India’s leading international conference that has been focusing on the issues of coal consumers for the last 11 years. mjunction services limited is happy to announce the 12th Indian Coal Markets Conference and Awards Dinner, 2018. The Indian coal sector is passing through a crucial juncture, wherein sharp fluctuation in demand is compelling policymakers to go back to the drawing board. Moving between surplus and shortage, the industry is looking for a direction. With the return of shortage, imports have staged a comeback in 2018, despite record production growth by the domestic miners. Are increasing imports going to be a fact of life? Will the power plants continue to face shortage? Will the government go ahead with its plan to introduce commercial mining? Will another period of trough change all calculations?

12th Indian Coal Markets Conference:

These and many other questions would come up for discussions in the 12th Indian Coal Markets Conference. Some Key topics to be discussed in the conference this year:

  • The return of imports: Can India ever be self-sufficient in coal?
  • Commercial mining: Will it be a disruptor or a magic-bullet?
  • CIL in 2030: The blueprint for India’s coal future
  • Will China’s maritime ambitions and trade frictions impact the global coal matrix?
  • India’s steel rush: But where is the roadmap for met coal?
  • What is the best hedge for met coal price volatility?
  • India’s met coke dilemma: Time to review the anti-dumping duty?
  • Optimal coal stock: How to end the blame game between TPPs and miners?
  • Quality issues: Will lack of testing infra fail CIL’s new pricing system?

and many more...!